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Some Questions

Last post 06-16-2011 8:17 AM by aspiringbabycatcher. 2 replies.
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  • 05-22-2011 1:19 PM

    Some Questions

    Hello, Everyone!

    I am a young woman looking at graduating from High School within the year. For the longest time, I have felt a calling to help women on the foreign mission field, and one of the ways that I desire to be able to do that is through midwifery. The Lord has truly placed a desire on my heart to assist mothers and babies through their pregnancies and birth; I am excited to see how He continues to lead me in this area!

    That being said, I have a few quick questions for y'all, and would greatly appreciate any advice/info that you can give me!

    Right now I am looking into finding a midwifery program/school that would give me the best preparation possible for being a midwife on the foreign mission field. The Newlife School of Midwifery would provide the best preparation (I believe), but the tuition costs are a bit out of my price range. So, I am trying to find alternatives. Have any of you ever heard of the Midwifery Institute of America? If so, would you recommend it to a young lady who is seeking to pursue midwifery on the foreign mission field?

    One other course that I have been looking into is the one provided through the Ancient Art Midwifery Institute. As of now, my only hesitation with taking the course is whether or not it will prepare me well enough for the abnormal birth circumstances that could very well occur on the foreign mission field. Would those of you taking this course, or those of you who have completed this course, be able to give me some advice on this?

    I am looking forward to reading every one's thoughts over these questions. Thank you ahead of time to those of you who are able to provide me with information! :)

    In Christ Jesus,


  • 05-25-2011 8:13 PM In reply to

    Re: Some Questions

     Hi Kristin!

    Wow, you sound so much like me!

    I started doing foreign mission work in Central America when I was 12 and have always thought midwifery would be a perfect skill to use there. I got distracted from that when I met my husband :) but now that I have had 2 babies, I have a whole new passion and desire for it. I too have been looking for a school that will prepare me for foreign mission work that is also affordable and preferrably Christian. I recently found the Midwifery Institute of America and it looks great but I cannot for the life of me find any reviews or opinions on it! I have spoken with the director through email and she seems really nice, and I read all of the alumni emails on the website so it was encouraging to see that the graduates had successfully gone on to do midwifery on the mission field.

    I have also looked into AAMI, but I have heard too many mixed reviews and you are obligated to the entire $4000 tuition whether you finish or not and I do not want to commit to that. I like that the Midwifery Institute of America is pay as you go.

    I have been debating back and forth between MIA and doing a self study. I have been worried that the MIA wont give me all the info I need, but I'm also scared I'll miss something with self study. Its so hard to know what is going to be best.

    I decided that I am going to start with self study and see how that goes. I ordered most of the books that are on NARM's suggested list (on the Candidate Information Booklet) and I'm going to create my own little curriculum to go along with the text books. I figured that if that works for me for the basics, that will allow me time to further pursue other topics that I will need to know about for foriegn missions. For example, I would love to do a whole study on pregnancy/childbirth/breastfeeding/nutrition for someone with AIDS or malnutition or other common afflictions in third world countries. I think a child birth education class would be very valuable also, because from what I have seen, many women in these countries don't know much about having a safe and healthy pregnancy/childbirth. Many women I know are very malnourished and continue drinking contaminated water throughout pregnancy, and end up having low birth weight babies or still births. That also makes me think any course with a major focus on nutrition would be a good one. I know that MIA has a lot of it, they even have a nurtrition unit called Nutrition and AIDS.

    If you feel like you need a more directed study though, I think that the MIA is a good choice, from what I have seen. And luckily its not a major investment if it doesn't work out. Sorry I just wrote you a whole book just sounded a lot like me so I wanted to help you out! :) Feel free to message me if you want to talk more!


  • 06-16-2011 8:17 AM In reply to

    Re: Some Questions

     While MIA is very affordable and christian based, I would also like to advise looking into CHARIS CHILDBIRTH They have LOTS of students in missions, and feature monthly newsletters with their stories. Check them out and set up a phone consult with the director! You'll love them!

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