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Travelling Midwifery

Last post 07-07-2014 10:57 AM by Emily Miller. 96 replies.
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  • 06-06-2010 5:57 AM In reply to

    Re: Travelling Midwifery

    In most cases you'd probably need to be okay with practicing unlicensed. In some 3rd world countries, a credential from a 1st world country may be accepted.

    as to prenatal care - I do as much as possible by phone and email before arriving, and refer mamas to get tests done if indicated with a local Dr or private clinic. So I do mnage to build at least some level of rapport and connection. It's not ideal, but for many women living in areas where there are no other options than going to a hospital with 80-90% c/ rate, it's better than nothing. And as I generally plan to arrive to the mama's home at around 37 weeks and staying either with her or very nearby, we have a LOT of time one-on-one to "catch up" and get to know one another and feel comfortable.

    I am generally able to bring / source there everything I need and mama needs for prenatal, birth and postpartum.

    Jesus was born unassisted!
  • 06-06-2010 6:39 AM In reply to

    Re: Travelling Midwifery

    Thanks for this wonderful information!


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    -Eve Ensler
  • 06-22-2010 3:42 AM In reply to

    Re: Travelling Midwifery

    Hi there!  This thread has me intrigued and hopeful.  Any chance you've had any experience helping anyone birth in Bali?  Also, have you ever assisted in a twin birth?  Looking forward to hearing :)

  • 10-26-2010 8:55 AM In reply to

    Re: Travelling Midwifery

    This is a great thread!

    I am an expectant mother in the Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA area. CNM's are able to legally attend births here, without an agreement from a doctor (as of this past legislative session, taking effect this past July). I would love to have a home birth with a CNM, but there are currently no CNM's providing home births on this side of the state. Would any of you traveling CNM's be interested in coming to South Dakota around the end of March to attend my birth?

    sycamoretrueblue [at] gmail [dot] com


    Laura Jean
  • 10-27-2010 5:44 AM In reply to

    Re: Travelling Midwifery

     I have some, in France, Switzerland and Germany. It was fun and now I am back in the US I am missing those days:)
  • 12-07-2010 11:03 AM In reply to

    Re: Travelling Midwifery

    I'm nearing the time when my children are old enough to live independently.  I'd always promised myself that I'd go travelling and practice my craft abroad.  I'm intrigued as to whether you carry ocytocic drug for the management of postpartum haemorrhage and if so how do you source them?

  • 12-07-2010 4:44 PM In reply to

    Re: Travelling Midwifery

    I don't carry pharmaceutical oxytocics, but I do carry herbs.

    Jesus was born unassisted!
  • 12-08-2010 12:23 AM In reply to

    • mangaP
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    Re: Travelling Midwifery

     Yes I would absoluetly want to carry an ocytocic drug for any birth I was attending. If I was traveling to help a family with their birth and it was a one time thing, I would and have carried it with me (sourced from my normal source in the US) If I was going to be helping with lots of births in a location I would find a local source. In a developing country, Pitocin is usually available over the counter at most pharmacys.

    Where are you thinking of going?

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  • 12-08-2010 4:32 AM In reply to

    Re: Travelling Midwifery

    I was just thinking of just packing up and setting off where the wind takes me but I recently came across the Mother Courage blogs from Serbia and as I have a friend over there was thinking of planting myself in Southern Europe for a while.  My Serbian is dreadful but I'm learning!

  • 12-08-2010 3:06 PM In reply to

    • Shakti
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    Re: Travelling Midwifery

    Muliebrity, I live in Serbia!! It will be so great to meet you! We have only one home birth midwife here in belgrade for whole country, but she didn't resonate with me when I was seeking home birth midwife 4 years ago, so I decided to have UC birth. Twice :) But, I am greatful that we have her so couples who don't want to go to hospital could choose her. Everything you read on Mother Courage Blog is true and so sad. I work with pregnant moms like prenatal yoga teacher and study for doula via Childbirth International. When you decide to come to Serbia please let me know! We will improve your Serbian! :)

  • 12-08-2010 4:12 PM In reply to

    Re: Travelling Midwifery

    Zdravo Shakti!

    Thank you so much for your reply. It'll be about 5 or 6 years till I'm able to move over there but I'm thinking of coming over next year for a few weeks just to get a feel for your country.  I'd love to offer a safe and real alternative to the horrific obstetric experiences I read about.  I'm in the process of doing a yoga for pregnancy course and I'm qualified to practise aromatherapy and reflexology too.  It'd be wonderful to team up with you and see what package of care we could offer to Beograd's new mamas and papas.

    Take care and hopefully speak soon.

  • 12-29-2010 4:52 AM In reply to

    Re: Travelling Midwifery

    I am not a midwife but searching for a midwife to attend my hbac at the end of June.  Is anybody interested/capable of traveling to Southern Japan for it?  Or can you direct me to another place I can start looking?  Thank you!

  • 12-29-2010 5:14 PM In reply to

    Re: Travelling Midwifery

    Dear Jenn,

    I might possibly be able and interested in travelling to Japan to attend your hbac. I am a German homebirth midwife and experienced in attending hbac. Feel free to get in touch and ask any questions you'd like to know.

    Kind regards,

    Nina Rinkes


    Nina Rinkes, homebirth midwife

    "Life shrinks and expands in relation to one's courage." Anais Nin
  • 01-05-2011 5:55 AM In reply to

    Re: Travelling Midwifery

    Dear Jenn,

    I answered your e-mail right after you sent it, but have not heard back from you again, so just wanted to make sure that you received the e-mail and that it did not end in your junk mail or so. If you did not get it, let me know and I'll send it again.

    All the best,



    Nina Rinkes, homebirth midwife

    "Life shrinks and expands in relation to one's courage." Anais Nin
  • 01-06-2011 6:39 AM In reply to

    Re: Travelling Midwifery


    that is terrible news!!! I replied the same day and wrote quite a long mail....I just assumed the dates weren't going to work.  Let me see what I can figure out.  How would it be best to contact you?


    My apologies, Jenn


    sorry, reread your post and now I see what you actually, I did not receive your reply.  Not sure what happened. Please try and send it again and let me know once you have sent if off.



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