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Travelling Midwifery

Last post 12-12-2013 8:13 PM by midwifejenny. 95 replies.
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  • 11-10-2009 12:14 AM In reply to

    Re: Travelling Midwifery

    Thank you so much! I would love to speak further with you- yes natural birth is VERY dicouraged in Romania's capital Bucharest and in the rural areas nearly all babies are now born in hospitals... I would love to have you come and speak to the midwives here to encourage them (they have cardiologists, internal medicine docs for professors in midwifery school- yuck!)... I would be interested in finding the 'homebirth' community here- I am searching for it but have not yet found it- I personally think that it would be an excellent idea with the right midwives and open minded families..

    Thank you for your blog, pictures, courage and generous heart-

    Looking forward to speaking further-

    peace and blessings

    Moasaemma :)

  • 11-11-2009 9:36 AM In reply to

    Re: Travelling Midwifery

       I went as far as AK for a birth once, and did have a missionary family in Romania come "home" to me to give birth. I would love to be a traveling midwife, but usually my calls are not exotic places, just a 2 hr drive :(. How can you afford to do it? I need 3 births a month to break even, 4 to make a profit, usually anly get 2, traveling for me would be a luxury I can't afford.

  • 11-11-2009 11:30 AM In reply to

    Breaking even?

     Curious as to what business cost you are incurring that require 3 births a month to break even. I assume that as a CPM you are self employeed and potentially working both out of your home office and doing visits in the home of expectant mothers.


    Or is the break even you are referring to the normal cost of living, maintaining your profession, lifestyle and household?


  • 11-11-2009 10:43 PM In reply to

    Re: Travelling Midwifery

    moasaemma; you can send me an email; birth [at] majikfaerie [dot] com

    As to expenses for travel, generally I expect my expenses to be covered for a birth, including travel, no matter where it is. my gas money is calculated in my expenses for a birth in my area just as travel expenses for a birth elsewhere. But I don't charge a lot, over my expenses, and for women in asia (where I usually travel to), the cost of plane tickets and expenses still work out not much more than hiring a homebirth MW in Sydney, which is around double what the MWs in my area charge.

    A couple of times I attended births in Asia when I was there anyway, so it worked out well.

    Jesus was born unassisted!
  • 11-12-2009 3:20 PM In reply to

    • Shakti
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    • Serbia
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    Re: Travelling Midwifery

    I live in Serbia and I am so fascinated that I found traveling midwives that I couldn't resist and post a question. Do you know anyone who will come to Serbia for home watherbirth in February?

    It is almost the same situation here with birthing like in Romania.

  • 12-07-2009 5:04 PM In reply to

    • Jan
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    Re: Travelling Midwifery

    If anyone has any African contacts please email me at    Thanks. We are trying to put a network together.

  • 12-30-2009 12:56 AM In reply to

    • Irene
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    • Kranidi, Greece
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    Re: Travelling Midwifery

    i amire you. in Greece its very hard to establish your status as a midwife in your working place, let alone on the road. Every day is a struggle against gynecologists who claim labor as their own buissness! I work at a health care center, appointed by the state, and my every decision is allways questioned, even among my own collegues. Gongratulations for your travelling work!Smile

    Irene Leontidou Midwife
  • 01-06-2010 3:55 AM In reply to

    Re: Travelling Midwifery

    I think travelling midwives are truly wonderful women who go out of their way to help women living in areas where midwife care is not available.  I'm especially sensitive to this topic as a Canadian expat living abroad and a VBAC mom who was (desperately) seeking support the lack of which available meant me becoming another cesarian statistic.  If I ever do have another child, I would have to have care of some sort set up beforehand (I don't knwo how I would feel knowing I was set up to be another CS).


    Do any of you lovely ladies travel around Europe, Shakti and I are near one another, I am in Croatia located on the coast (which BTW, is a great holiday making destination ;)?  Perhaps you know of colleauges who are willing to travel?



  • 01-06-2010 4:52 AM In reply to

    • Shakti
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    • Serbia
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    Re: Travelling Midwifery

    Dear Daniela, you don't have to worry if you decide to have another baby :) There is an Austrian midwife who travel to Croatia for homebirths, and I think that she does VBAC. I know few mothers who had homebirth with her and they are very satisfade with her. I could send you her contact, email me at .

    p.s are you on Krk Island? :)

  • 01-09-2010 12:37 AM In reply to

    Re: Travelling Midwifery

    Does anyone know of a midwife who would be willing to travel to Istanbul, Turkey in June?  It seems things here are about the same as Serbia etc and I really feel that homebirth is the safest option, on every level.  Unfortunately, no one here to do it!

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks all!



  • 01-09-2010 9:37 PM In reply to

    • Rhonda
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    Re: Travelling Midwifery

     This is inspiring.  I am going to be starting my own practice next year and I was wanting to do some traveling in the meantime.  Traveling midwifery sounds like such a great opportunity- Hmmmmm.....

  • 01-10-2010 6:36 AM In reply to

    Re: Travelling Midwifery

    if you'd like to see the Croatian coast or the area around Croatia in general I'm sure we could organise some travelling midwifery for you :)

  • 01-11-2010 7:43 AM In reply to

    Re: Travelling Midwifery

    I would be happy to assist you, I have much in common with you as well (email me privately if you wish),

    Be well,


    Rivka Cymbalist, BA, CD(DONA)
    birth attendant
  • 01-17-2010 12:48 AM In reply to

    Re: Travelling Midwifery

    I've just returned home from a stint in New Zealand :) got to connect with some women and held some workshops for well-women, and did some care as well. (though i just went for a vacation, and did some pre-natal care incedentally - there's relatively no shortage of MWs in NZ!)

    Jesus was born unassisted!
  • 01-23-2010 4:35 PM In reply to

    • Adrienne
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    • South Carolina
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    Re: Travelling Midwifery

    How do you fly with your supplies?  You pretty much have to check a bag and keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't get lost, right?  I'd imagine taking a photo of the items in the bag would be prudent.  Any other tips?

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