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Experiencing missed miscarrage. Cytotec didnt work. Can I still pass the baby naturally?

Last post 04-15-2011 8:43 AM by gidgetn. 0 replies.
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  • 04-15-2011 8:43 AM

    Experiencing missed miscarrage. Cytotec didnt work. Can I still pass the baby naturally?

    Please help me.  My doctor told me that my baby has no heart beat.   4 1/2 wks ago, I believe is when it happened.  The baby was about 7 wks old.  2 weeks ago, the doctor inserted 6 cytotec tablets vaginally.  It didnt work.  Last week on Monday he inserted 6 more tablets and gave me 4 cytotec tablets to take by mouth 6 hours apart.  It didnt work.  Last Wednesday, my naturopathic Dr. recommended 15 drops black cohosh drops to begin and then the next hour 15 drops blue cohosh drops and alternate the black then the blue like that each hour afterwards. I started it at the 2oclock hour for 8hrs.  It made me so sick.  The next day, I awoke at 2am, couldnt sleep, nauseated, feeling toxic and ill all over.  I couldnt get off the sofa almost all day- very unlike me.  So of course, I didnt not continue the drops. I also tried massaging my outer ankles and 3 fingers above my ankle on the inside of my leg.   The nurses were very surprised the cytotec didnt work the first time and were even more perplexed the 2nd time it didnt work.    My medical doctor is a gentle soul and said that I could have up to 1 month to allow the baby passes naturally.  Clearly from what the nurses said, I dont think the doctor has ever experienced this.  He had never even given cytotec orally.  So many times doctors and others have said that my case or situation was the only one like it they have experienced.  I tried searching and searching and cant find anyone who addresses what I want to know.   Can anyone on this forum tell me if it is even possible to pass a baby from a missed miscarriage if cytotec doesnt work.  Or is D&C my only option.  Thank you so much for any help and guidance anyone can provide

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