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Leiden factor V diet

Last post 08-02-2010 12:22 PM by RobsGirl. 1 replies.
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  • 07-31-2010 3:31 PM

    Leiden factor V diet

     Hi all.

    I am a newly pregnant gal who was diagnosed with factor v leiden about 8 years ago.  I have never had a clot.  I only know i have it due to a clost my father had.  in addition, i only have ONE gene for this clotting disorder. 

    That all said, I am hoping to go this pregnancy without heparin and hopefully with a midwife.  I have had one successful pregnancy (placed for adoption, however) on Lovenox injections.  When I was pregnant that time, I was very uninformed and naive, and simply did what the doctor said.  Needless to say, the injections were misery--and the labor was bad.  I had to be induced due to the injections. 

    I really want to deliver with a midwife and i really want to go with out injections.  I have contacted the only two midwives in my area but haven't heard back yet.  I have been doing a lot of reading and know that grape juice, garlic and ginger and good anticoagulating foods.  So i've been trying that...but then my husband walked by me today and said "man, you smell SO BAD!!" (of course, i cried).  So i am starting to think i am eating TOO much garlic (three cloves a day).  Because i have no idea what quantities of these foods to eat. 

    Does anyone have suggestions, resources, etc. on a regemine of these foods to follow so i will still have friends and a husband at the end of this??? 

  • 08-02-2010 12:22 PM In reply to

    • RobsGirl
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    Re: Leiden factor V diet

    Hi amymarie, and welcome.

    It looks like you've read the things that I was going to suggest you read already, so I won't refer you to those particular articles, but as for the garlic, I DO think the odorless garlic capsules may work pretty well.  As long as the garlic is not cooked it is fine, and according to my midwife, the garlic capsules are generally made from raw garlic.  I'm sorry your husband made such an insensitive comment.  :-(  Hugs. Hey, you could make him eat raw garlic too, and then he won't notice.  :-)  Three clove is probably not necessary.  I'm thinking one would be a good start, especially if you are eating other blood thinning foods.  Grape juice is easy, but it is also ver sweet, so I would divide a cup of the juice and  drink it with seltzer water three times a day (1/3 cup at a time) so I wasn't getting all the sugar at once.  You can use the other foods in your cooking.  Did you also read about lifestyle issues that help prevent clotting like not crossing or dangling your legs, getting up and walking every hour if your job requires a lot of sitting or while travelling, getting regular exercise, decreasing stress, and staying well hydrated at all times?

    I've had 4 successful pregnancies (and three very early losses) while being homozygous for TWO of the known thrombophilias (not factor V but two others), all without injecting meds.  Two of my babies were born at home with supportive midwives.  I used aspirin and went off it around 37 weeks.  They were all born healthy and robust.  So, yes, I do believe it can be done without lovenox, especially if you're heterozygous, and especially if you have a really supportive midwife.  Also, you should take care to have excellent nutrition, since this can prevent a good number of pregnancy complications by itself.

    It can get terribly nerve wracking at times when you know you have these genetic blood issues.  I opted with my last pregnancy to have a few sonograms with a perinatologist (who was supportive of homebirth) to reassure myself that all was well.  Each woman has to know how much risk she is willing to take, be it real or perceived.  I'm still trying to work through my fears and figure out if they are real or perceived.  Its nott always terribly clear cut out there in the medical world.

    I wish you ALL the best.

    RobsGirl, 31
    Wife of one fabulous guy (34)
    Mommy of 3 awesome boys, ages 11, 8, and 4, and a precious 2 year old daughter.

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