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Just an introduction!

Last post 05-04-2010 5:53 PM by Brlnbabies. 1 replies.
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  • 05-04-2010 1:00 PM

    Just an introduction!

    Hey All,


    I just got back into the midwifery today forums and wanted to write a formal introduction.

    My name is Danelle and I am an of course an aspiring midwife. I started seriously looking into midwifery in 2005. My hope was to go to Davao City and attend the direct entry program there. Things changed though and I ended up meeting my husband and having babies right away. I now have 2 sons (2 & 9 months). Before the boys were born I did do some doula training and attended several births. Since they've been born I haven't attended any but my plan is to get back into the swing of things.

    I am currently working on completing a postpartum doula certification. Hopefully I will get that done by the end of this year. This summer I am enrolling in a community college to attend a biology class (which is a a prerequisite for the anatomy & physiology course that I want to take). I am hoping to get into the anatomy course this fall. In the mean time I am also looking into taking a course to get my EMT certification. Every step that I take I want to be a good aid in my ultimate goal. My hope with EMT training is that I can just get experience in handling emergency situations and possibly even work 2 shifts a week to help a little with the cost of midwifery school. If everything works out well I would like to apply for the Nizhoni Institute of Midwifery here in California sometime next year of the year after.

    I have a lot on my plate and I know that it is gonna be a lot of work. I understand that this is gonna take a lot of time away from my family but I would like to get to where I have my formal training done and I can take on only a limited number of births a month or whatever until my kids get older and I can jump in more.

    I'm excited to be back on the forums. Look forward to learning with all of you!!!



  • 05-04-2010 5:53 PM In reply to

    Re: Just an introduction!

    Welcome back ... looking at your plate makes me a tad breathless!  You young whipper snappers can juggle a lot more balls than us'n old farts. YesHopefully the emergencies you see as an EMT will not be anything like the emergencies you might see as a midwife. Yikes!


    I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult. --E.B. White
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