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No unread posts Midwife Chat
Tell birth stories, ask questions, start discussions. Talk about what it is like to be a midwife. Introduce yourself here.
Re: Neat tip
04-12-2014 9:38 AM
207 1,142
No unread posts Aspiring - Student - Apprentice Midwife Chat
Welcome to midwifery! Share your calling here. Talk about how to become a midwife: programs, routes of entry, and the joys and difficulties of becoming a midwife. Midwives, please join and mentor the future midwives. This forum includes discussions on education: schools, preceptorships and apprenticeships.
Re: Looking for...
04-09-2014 9:25 PM
222 815
No unread posts Doula and Childbirth Educator Chat
Tell birth stories, ask questions, start discussions. Talk about what it is like to be a doula or CBE. Introduce yourself here.
Re: Rebozos
03-11-2014 4:54 PM
46 289
No unread posts Grief, Loss and Trauma
A place to discuss the emotional impact of pregnancy loss and other unexpected outcomes. How can midwives, doulas, and other birth practitioners best support those who grieve? Pregnancy and Birth can be a time of healing and an emotionally trying time for a survivor of abuse or rape. Share your thoughts, ideas and support here.
Re: 13 week miscarriage...
01-18-2013 7:15 PM
13 87
No unread posts Legal Battles and Birth Politics
This might be the hardest part of being a midwife or doula. Let others know what you are dealing with. Share your opinions.
about Homebirth...
03-03-2014 6:51 AM
54 296
No unread posts International Midwifery
Share what is going on in your country, international projects you are working on, wonderful people you have met or trips you have taken.
Midwife in or around...
04-08-2014 12:00 PM
87 349
No unread posts Experiments and Questions
Use this forum to try things out. You can also use it to post questions about the forums and the Community Site in general. If you have problems or want to report abuse/misuse, email community@midwiferytoday.com
Re: this is a test
11-24-2012 1:10 PM
48 208
No unread posts Parenting and Families (mothers, fathers, children, grandparents)
Parenting enhances your children's development and sensitivity as well as their ability to love, trust, and be independent. Share your information, questions and concerns.
Re: I had the baby
02-26-2013 9:46 AM
53 340
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No unread posts Pregnancy and Prenatal Care
Ask questions about pregnancy. Share the joys and difficulties. Midwives, tell us about what you do in prenatal care and how you care for women.
Re: Coombs Positive...
10-25-2013 2:18 PM
113 658
No unread posts Waterbirth
Have you had a waterbirth? Are you a waterbirth midwife? Share your thoughts.
Re: twin waterbirth
04-17-2013 12:27 AM
16 109
No unread posts Homebirth
Homebirth: It's not just a place, it's a way to birth that empowers women and safeguards babies' health for a lifetime.
Re: Twins and Breeches
02-20-2014 7:12 PM
26 136
No unread posts Interventions
Interventions and technology are a threat to the normal birth process, but sometimes save lives. How do we deal appropriately with this double-edged sword? Share your ideas, rants and raves
Official Vaccinated...
12-04-2012 10:58 PM
19 93
No unread posts Birth Complications
Discuss ways to prevent, recognize and manage shoulder dystocia, breech and other complications. Share your stories, tricks of the trade, and heartfelt accounts.
Re: Cephalohematoma
09-01-2013 5:27 PM
20 173
No unread posts Labor, Birth and Postpartum
Birth is a normal and beautiful process, truly a miracle. Share your thoughts and questions here. Midwives and doulas, what do you do at a birth? What is your philosophy of birth? This is also the place to tell us how you handle postpartum care. What insights do you have about this important time right after birth? Mothers, what can practitioners do to better serve you in this time?
Do midwives need...
07-03-2013 1:49 AM
52 398
No unread posts VBAC and Cesarean Prevention
Current evidence shows that the majority of women can have safe vaginal births after prior cesareans. Share your knowledge and experience here. Also share your tips for preventing cesareans in the first place. Mothers, share your experiences.
Re: VBAC concern
07-02-2013 9:18 AM
36 152
No unread posts Wholistic Care
Discuss the use of natural remedies and wholistic healing modalities such as herbs, nutrition, massage, chiropractic and homeopathy.
Grab a Cup O' Joe...
05-17-2012 10:42 PM
9 43
No unread posts Breastfeeding
Share information, questions and concerns about breastfeeding.
Re: Possible failure...
09-12-2013 9:49 PM
55 351
No unread posts Well-Woman Care
As midwives, our service to women is not just about birth. In this forum you can discuss hormone replacement therapy; the efficacy of mammograms; the causes of breast cancer; and all the other important issues affecting women's health. This is also the place to discuss conception and fertility.
Re: What are you...
05-01-2013 11:30 PM
67 662
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