March 2010 - Posts

Hello and welcome to Midwifery Today's newest blog. My name is Donna Dolezal Zelzer and I've been the Marketing Director at Midwifery Today since 1993. I love my job - marketing is fun and it's great to be able to promote something I really believe in. Plus, I work with a great bunch of people!

What I plan to do in this blog is write about some of the products Midwifery Today carries and some of the things we do. And sometimes just about birth and midwifery in general.  I'll be writing from a personal point of view - because I read or heard something that moved me, or angered me or inspired  me. It will be from the point of view of a parent and grandparent (I have one daughter and two granddaughters) who cares about birth, but who is not a birth professional or otherwise heavily into birth.  

From time to time, other Midwifery Today staff members will also be posting here. (At least, I hope I can talk them into it!)

The photo below is my youngest granddaughter when she was about 2 days old. (She's 6 now.)





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