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18 January 2009
Becoming a Midwife with a Young Family
From Kimbrah: I was going through my Google Reader today (only 776 entries in there!) and I came across your post entitled "Becoming a Midwife." It's kind of funny that I read it today because I have been thinking and praying all day about whether to pursue my dreams or wait. I really do... Read More...
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13 February 2007
Eugene Conference and Beginning Midwifery
[ Passionate Midwifery Education - Installment 23 ] A great way to test whether midwifery is a life path for you is to attend a Midwifery Today Conference. The conference in Eugene, Oregon, March 14–18, 2007, is especially designed for aspiring midwives* to learn a lot about midwifery in a short amount... Read More...
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30 January 2007
Elizabeth Davis, Part III
[ Passionate Midwifery Education - Installment 22 ] More from Elizabeth Davis' Education Workshop in Germany In her education seminar, Elizabeth Davis talked a lot about the circle of women and its importance. Explaining how women think, she said that women in a stress response, as you may know,... Read More...
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05 December 2006
Elizabeth Davis, Part II
[ Passionate Midwifery Education - Installment 21 ] More from Elizabeth Davis' Education Workshop in Germany Elizabeth Davis asks "What is it about conventional education that didn't work for me?" We were not allowed to show our intuitive side. Women want context. They are aware of... Read More...
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21 November 2006
Elizabeth Davis
[ Passionate Midwifery Education - Installment 20 ] In a Midwifery Education class at Midwifery Today's conference in Bad Wildbad, Germany, on October 26, 2006, Elizabeth Davis outlined some beautiful concepts for Midwife Educators from around the world. According to Elizabeth, the first principle... Read More...
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07 November 2006
My Midwifery Education: Marion McLean
[ Passionate Midwifery Education - Installment 19 ] I have told you something of my own Midwifery education (see Installment 16 ). One our biggest blessings was to have Marion teach us a for whole year in a program modeled after Frontier Nursing Services'... Read More...
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24 October 2006
[ Passionate Midwifery Education - Installment 18 ] Each of us must take responsibility for our own education. This is so even for those who are planning to attend a midwifery school. You need to find the school that will best help you learn your calling in the way you are called. Some of you will be... Read More...
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