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21 March 2009
Vaccination Altercation
Who directs our health care—the care of our bodies and our children’s bodies? Why do some nurses believe that only they know what is best for kids? I ask these questions because recently a friend related her experience with her child and vaccinations. On the family’s first visit to... Read More...
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03 February 2009
Midwifery Today Covers - A Slide Show
Here is a lovely slide show of some of the more recent covers of Midwifery Today magazine. Jan Read More...
21 December 2008
Not Enough Milk?
What is causing this epidemic of “not enough milk” in mothers who are trying to breastfeed? I am glad that it didn’t happen before the invention of artificial baby milk formula, because if it had, a lot of us probably would not exist today. In fact, the human population would undoubtedly be much smaller... Read More...