Marion’s Update From Uganda

Marion Toepke McLean, who has written Marion’s Message from Issue #1 in Midwifery Today is serving in Uganda for 2 months. She has retired from her job at Planned Parenthood but not from Midwifery Today! She is my mentor and my friend. Love, Jan Tritten

I got to catch another baby. The midwife wasn't feeling real well, and the baby was thought to be large (actually he was a bit over 8 lb, but there was lots and lots of clear fluid, which made her belly look bigger and she reported her previous child as having been 9-1/2 lb). Also, she took quite a while to push, considering it was her third child. So, at her request, I was happy to come and help.

When I arrived, I found just a thin anterior lip, the mom with a major spontaneous pushing effort, and a head of black hair just becoming visible. I pushed back the lip—she didn't make a bit of complaint about that. Had to push it back a second time a few pushes later, then she brought him down steadily. The whole second stage was 1 hour and 15 minutes long, from when she was first called complete—this was when her bag of waters broke—to the birth. He was born 45 minutes after I came in.

You know, most of the births here just pop out. They tend to have smaller babies than we do at home, 7 lb or 7-1/2 lb is what we commonly see, which of course is plenty big enough! But we have so many big babies in the US, and I felt totally comfortable with the progress of the mother.

Anyway, it is a treat for me to have my name down in the birth log as “midwife” for the second time out of the 12 births here since my arrival! I helped one of our midwifery assistants create her own e-mail account this evening, that was pretty exciting as well!

Love to all,  Marion

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