The Complexities of Birth

A mother’s birth is first a physical event, but if the psychological aspect takes over it may be impossible for the birth to proceed as a straight-out physical event. In this case, the mind needs to be cleared in order to fall into the primal brain, where the birth works best. And then there are the physical realities of position, flexion, fit, pelvic shape, and the weight of the baby. Now add to all of this the reality that birth is also a spiritual and sacred passage. Birth is so incredibly complex and yet so amazingly simple, with so much room in between for glitches.
Medicalized hospital birth does not deal with these realities and subtleties, as it rolls over motherbaby birth rights with interventions, including inductions, drugs and cesareans, often for something it has created. As birth practitioners, we totally individualize care. When you do this you really see, smell and feel this sacred passage, and try to do your best for each family unit.
Why, when the loving beauty of relationship and individual care can be an integral part of birth, are more families not choosing us? Is it lack of knowledge about us or fear that stops them? How can we turn the tide?
Jan Tritten
Midwifery Today

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We just need to keep in mind that the experience of pregnancy and childbirth is uniquely female and we are faced with the reality of one of nature's most powerful events. Enjoy motherhood and just look back fondly at your birth experience.

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