Working in the Same Community over Time

In our birth practice, we always had so much trouble saying goodbye to the mothers we served. You know how accustomed you get to seeing them weekly, by the end of the pregnancy? Prenatal visits often happened with a lot of laughing and information flying, blended with the seriousness of the most important passage in a mom’s life. I have been blessed with working and living in the same community for almost 36 years. This has made the finishing of care (until the next time mom would get pregnant) easier.


I make lemonade at both the Saturday Market (our local crafts market) and the Oregon Country Fair (our big annual “hippy” fair). One day before this year’s fair opened I was walking over to the line to get my wristband (needed for entrance into the fair), and I ran into a mom and her 31-year-old “baby.” I had not seen either of them since their postnatal visits, but there they were. Women almost always remember their midwife. We chatted a bit and I continued over to the line, where I ran into another one of my mothers with her “baby.” This time, the “baby” had a charming little baby of her own. The circle of life is always amazing to me.


We now have a great intern at Midwifery Today, and I was her midwife. She was the baby. I have had the privilege of ongoing relationships with many of the mothers and babies I served, simply because I was at the Saturday Market every week and they would often come and find me and ask questions or just share their lives with me. These little pleasures are the joy of living and working in the same community over time. They are the little pleasures that make life so rich.


Jan Tritten

Midwifery Today


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