Health Care Needs Midwives


Midwifery is the answer to the question, “how can we afford national health care?” If every motherbaby were attended by a non-interventive but knowledgeable midwife, a national health care program would save billions of dollars on the four million births that occur in the US each year. Imagine the cost savings on drugs, induction, hospital--yes, normal births should be out of hospital. We are trying to save money and improve care. Then, with midwifery care, most mothers would breastfeed because midwives take the time to educate. Think of all the health care dollars we will save on the long-term health of mothers and their children--who, of course, are the adults of the future. I wonder if we can even afford national health coverage without midwives.


Please support the Mothers and Midwives in Action (MAMA) Campaign’s effort to make Certified Professional Midwives a part of the health care system. You can donate or volunteer at the above site. I pray that we will not get co-opted into the system, but can be leaders for mothers and babies in getting the care they need. I also pray that once a part of the system, CPMs will support their non-CPM midwife sisters in their efforts to serve motherbaby. As I have said before, we all need each other. We will make it only with respect and cooperation.




Jan Tritten

Midwifery Today



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