August 2009 - Posts

25 August 2009
Working in the Same Community over Time
In our birth practice, we always had so much trouble saying goodbye to the mothers we served. You know how accustomed you get to seeing them weekly, by the end of the pregnancy? Prenatal visits often happened with a lot of laughing and information flying, blended with the seriousness of the most important... Read More...
11 August 2009
Health Care Needs Midwives
Midwifery is the answer to the question, “how can we afford national health care?” If every motherbaby were attended by a non-interventive but knowledgeable midwife, a national health care program would save billions of dollars on the four million births that occur in the US each year. Imagine... Read More...
05 August 2009
American College of Nurse-Midwives’ (ACNM) Declaration
I was horrified when I read the American College of Nurse-Midwives’ (ACNM) declaration of opposition to federal recognition for the CPM, or Certified Professional Midwife. One of my most recent blogs was on unity within the midwifery profession , and was written before this declaration came out... Read More...