Stop the Misleading Sensationalism!

The News & Observer of North Carolina ran an article on May 27 entitled “Police probe home birth; baby died.”  When I went to the site to read the article, I learned that “A woman who delivered a baby into the toilet and told emergency dispatchers she had not known she was pregnant is now part of a police investigation into possible child abuse.” Excuse me? This is not a homebirth.


If this had occurred in a hospital toilet, would it be a hospital birth? If it occurred in a school would it be a school birth? The use of the term “homebirth” in this context is just sensationalism. This is a tragic situation; it is not a homebirth. Using this kind of language is misleading and only adds to the already difficult task that we have of educating people about homebirth. But then, I guess the media doesn’t really care about that. Anything to sell a newspaper.


 Guest post by Cheryl K. Smith, Midwifery Today Managing Editor


Here is some information about homebirth from our site.



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