Fear not; it is a miracle

One purpose of fear is to keep us from danger. Like a deer in the headlights, it we can be paralyzed by fear. Fear of birth is dangerous, because it can keep you from experiencing your miracle. Fears in pregnancy can also keep you from enjoying the life growing within. As you carry this miracle within your body, you are preparing to experience another miracle—birth.
It is miraculous how flesh, blood and cells become a human and how one human is within another. A human is born on the earth and her calling is to bring forth another. This is utterly and completely amazing. I think that the miraculous nature of birth keeps midwives and doulas lovingly serving women, even when we are persecuted. This is amazing love and amazing grace for both mother and midwife.

Jan Tritten
Midwifery Today

Birth as a Community Experience: It Can Be Achieved in a Hospital! by Lois Wilson

Editorial: Grief, Fear and Pregnancy; Creating a Haven in Troubled Times by Jennifer Rosenberg




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