I Love Homebirth


When I had my first homebirth I looked at my husband Al and said, “I feel sorry for you. You can never do what I just did. You can never give birth. You can never bring a human body out of your body. It was THE most powerful, amazing thing I have ever done in my whole life.”


Why would you want to give this up for hospital routines, drugs, strangers and interventions? At home you choose who will be there. You have a measure of control, if not of labor then of surroundings and people who will enter your sacred space. You can’t control the physiological process, but without unnecessary fear you can surrender to it. In surrendering you will achieve the pinnacle of your life – the birth of your baby. The journey of within coming out. Amazing Grace.



Jan Tritten

Midwifery Today


Healing Through Homebirth - by Cynthia Luxford

Homebirth: What Are the Issues? - by Sara Wickham, RM, BA (Hons)

Homebirth after Cesarean: The Myth and the Reality - by Amy V. Haas





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