Midwifery Lumped with What?

I got this on a Google alert. Look at the activities that midwifery is lumped in with:

The Oregonian - OregonLive.com - Portland,OR, USA The [Oregon Health Licensing] Agency  oversees health-related boards and professions, including body piercing, tattooing, midwifery and sex-offender treatment.

Is this how midwifery should be seen? Midwifery is about miracles, dedication and love. It should be portrayed as such. We are part of the most important calling in the world. We help build the social and spiritual foundations of the world or at least we did in centuries past. It is time to take that role again and I know we are all trying.

Jan Tritten
Midwifery Today

One Birth, One Woman at a Time - by Jan Tritten


# Joy Johnston said:

You're right Jan. I reckon midwifery really is in a category of its own.  Midwives are health practitioners, but more in the health promotion side of things than the treatment side.  We are not therapists or healers.  What other professional practice has an expectation that they will do nothing as long as everything continues normally?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009 6:54 PM