What is our Biggest Obstacle in Carrying out the Mission Midwifery Today?

Money has always been our biggest obstacle, but God has used that to guide me into where we are supposed to go. For instance, I would never have started doing conferences if we had been financially solvent.

Despite our ongoing struggle with finances, here we are 23 years later: an excellent staff working together. Our most valuable resource has always been the great people who have helped manifest what we do. Our work now has grown and become more complex. Besides Midwifery Today magazine, to date we have done well over 40 conferences in 12 different countries. We have an International Alliance of Midwives. We publish books and sell a variety of products. We have two e-mail newsletters—one is 11 years old and boasts close to 15,000 subscribers. We are planning online classes and have just started a new YouTube channel. Our truly gifted staff help carry out our dreams as we continue to educate women and a few good men into midwifery and other birth work.

We may be operating on a shoestring, but we are blessed with an abundance of talent and commitment!

Jan Tritten
Midwifery Today


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