Brought to Earth by Birth - A Masterpiece of Birth Photography

Midwifery Today’s imprint, Motherbaby Press, is so blessed to have been chosen by Harriette Hartigan to publish her new book. What I wrote in her book is appropriate here: 

This book is potent.

I suggest you take it to

a quiet place without disturbance

of phone, television or computer. 

Absorb its power and grace.

Birth, of eternal significance, 

is celebrated with insight, art

and reverence for the power of creation,

which joins us together in life here on earth.

Open your heart and mind to

The images and words.

Go within yourself,

to birth itself—

this intimate realm of being.

Brought to Earth by Birth is a collection of black and white photographs by Harriette Hartigan, one of the world’s master birth photographers. This is an amazing book for you to read and make available in your birth library. Her few words speak as art pieces in themselves, as do the photos. I think it may especially resonate with fathers, who sometimes have trouble reading longer text because the miracle isn’t within their own bodies.

Jan Tritten
Midwifery Today

Brought to Earth by Birth


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