On Childbirth Methods

Recently, Gail Hart and I were having an e-mail discussion on the many “childbirth methods.” This led to a decision to start a new one: a sort of “doing it her way” method. It will be the “Gail and Jan Method of Childbirth,” also known as, “She Did it Her Way.” (Maybe Frank Sinatra’s name should go on it, too! The “Gail, Jan and Frank Method of Childbirth - She Did it Her Way!”

When my friend Naoko and I were planning the conference in Japan about 10 years ago, she expressed frustration with all of the childbirth methods there. No matter what the culture, trying to improve on birth seems to be human nature.

We need to remember that birth works really well if everyone else just gets out of her way.

Jan Tritten
Midwifery Today

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Jan Tritten


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