How is your Prenatal Care? It’s All about Relationship.

Are you preparing for Childbirth or for Medical Intervention? What is the purpose of prenatal care? The most important thing we need is time to develop a relationship and gain trust in each other. One midwife I know who was doing an oral test for taking a test for certification in Oregon said, “Well most women who come to us are abnormal and we help them be normal.” She was referring to dealing with pain, fear, nutrition and the multitude of pregnancy details we help with. This is one of the reasons it is so important not to have to offer information medicalization has been forcing upon midwives. I don’t know what the answer to that one is.

When I was doing prenatal visits as a midwife, I judged myself on whether the pregnant mom left the prenatal visit happier and feeling better than when she came in. I considered it my job to help her feel better, less fearful and encouraged in her ability to nurture and birth her baby. I sought ways with each visit to do this because I believed that the strength she gained in herself would help her to nourish herself and her baby in utero. It would also help her birth more easily. Later, when I met Michel Odent--whose motto is, “Eat sea food and be happy,” I knew I had been on the right track. Whatever we can do as midwives to encourage mothers is an important part of our practice. We do that in relationship. Life is about relationships.

Jan Tritten
Midwifery Today

Editorial: Hands-On Care by Jan Tritten



Mabel Dzata and Vi Sadhana at the Eugene 2001 Midwifery Today Conference.

Photo by Patti Ramos



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