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I recently signed up for Google Alerts and was astounded when the first item e-mailed to me was my own blog! The Internet is amazing and gets more amazing by the day. No wonder when it is down we are crippled in terms of work. But it’s a good thing that we have things to do when it is down. Cheryl has goats, I have a garden and Donna, our marketing director, can go for a lovely walk in Eugene.

Midwifery Today has been quick to adopt the Internet and its ever-growing functions, in part, because of Donna. When she came to work with us 1993, she got us a Web site right away. I remember in her two-hour interview - two hours because we had such a great time brainstorming - she talked about this great new thing called the Internet. I knew little about it, other than it had been mentioned in a class.

The Internet has completely changed the way we do business and continues to do so as new applications evolve. Nearly all of our magazine articles are submitted, edited and returned for approval via e-mail now. We put three or four articles online about six months after an issue of the magazine comes out, and now have several hundred articles online.

Our home page is like a small, online newspaper, with content updated regularly. It’s the place to find important and breaking news related to midwifery.

The Midwifery Today E-news is 11 years old, with readership still growing. It’s free and easy to sign up. You can also view our conference programs online and learn about what subjects we are covering.

Our International Alliance of Midwives (IAM) provides a database of members who network about their interests in international midwifery. You can view those members when you join and it is free! The IAM E-newsletter comes out four times per year. When you join, you also have access to our midwifery contacts from around the world.

Recently we set up our Community Site and have re-started our popular discussion forums! The Community site is also home to this blog.

Finally, we have begun to use Social Networking in the form of Facebook and have our own Facebook page. We also have feeds on Twitter and Plurk. This provides another way to communicate.

The Internet has changed business and midwifery, mostly, hopefully, for the good. Please join us in promoting midwifery with these amazing tools.

YouTube videos are coming!

Jan Tritten
Midwifery Today



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