Hospitals: Not for Birth

An article in Parade magazine, “Don’t Let a Hospital Make You Sick,” by Dr. Ranit Mishori, reported that 98,000 people die every year from medical error. The article provided suggestions to patients to help them avoid being one of these statistics. 

Hospitals can be life-savers, or they can be life-takers. According to the article, doctors leave surgical instruments inside the body once in every 5000 surgeries. Infection is another horrible, yet common, problem related to hospitalization.

Pregnancy is not a sickness. I strongly suggest that pregnant women not go to the hospital if they don’t have to. Most births are handled best by midwives out of the hospital. With unnecessary cesareans on the rise, why risk going to the hospital if you don’t need to?

It is time for women to take back their births and give themselves and their babies the best chance at a miraculous start. Birth, or its effects—both good and bad—last a lifetime.

Jan Tritten
Midwifery Today


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# blooming9midwife said:

Thank you! I'm so sick of perfectly healthy mothers going to the hospital for their births like they're ill!

Friday, March 13, 2009 7:57 PM