In Memorial: Jana Borino, We Love You

Jana Borino was a midwife educator of excellence. We just got an in-memoriam article about her life that will appear in the next Midwifery Today, but I want to say a few words about this dedicated and amazing woman.

She fought breast cancer for 10 years and it overtook her February 13, 2009. I am so sad. We will miss her greatly. We were blessed to have her teach at the last Philadelphia conference, in March 2008, and I am ever-grateful to have spent this time with her. I got to act in a play with her--written by Betty-Anne Davis--called the “Wizard of Os.” I was the Wizard, Jana was the Scarecrow, Betty Anne was Dorothy and Robbie Davis-Floyd was the good witch. Jana was so much fun to “work with” during rehearsals. We laughed, screamed and played. We were oblivious to the fact that this would be the last time we got to do anything like this with Jana.  

Jana was such a good teacher. She taught “Marketing Your Practice,” “The Adaptation and Emotional Healing of Postpartum,” and “What Women Want.” I hope someone has tapes of her teaching. She presented so much well-organized material in a short time. In whatever capacity I interacted with Jana throughout her midwifery career, I always found her to be ever so warm, even through her struggles. It is reassuring to know that she touched so many student midwives who will carry part of her to every prenatal exam and every birth. She added so much to the rich tapestry of dedicated pioneers who have helped bring midwifery back to life in the United States.

Jan Tritten
Midwifery Today


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