You Can Help Change Birth

We all can work in many ways to change birth. To get some ideas about what you can do, read “26 Ways to Change Birth,” a Midwifery Today article by Sara Wickham.

One of my favorite ways to plant seeds of change is to talk to people in the grocery store, on an airplane or wherever I am. I find that if I wear my Midwifery Today T-shirt I am almost always asked, “Are you a midwife?” I use that opening to talk with the person about the advantages of using a midwife. It is a short, sweet bit of activism that you can do anywhere for a minute or two, and you have a great chance of opening that person’s mind and maybe even saving a motherbaby the trials often associated with a medicalized hospital birth. I usually let them know that they are in control of avoiding many potential complications with good nutrition. (See my blog post, “Avoid Pregnancy Complications with Nutrition”) I always end the conversation by asking the person to promise me they will check out a midwife before going to an obstetrician for a pregnancy. I usually give them our Web site address, which has many great articles they can read.

This approach works much better before a woman is pregnant. The seeds of change are planted more securely before fear sets in and they are already on the medicalized track. For some reason, even when a pregnant woman can see the handwriting of a battled birth on the wall she won’t change practitioners. The “why” of that is another article. If we each do all we can, I believe that we can turn this nightmare of medicalized birth around. Birth is a miracle. Help make it so.

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Jan Tritten
Midwifery Today


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