Breastfeed Your Babies Everywhere

In the local newspaper a couple days ago was a small piece about a woman who stopped to breastfeed her baby at a shopping mall in Roseburg, Oregon. A mall employee told her to stop because an older woman had complained. The mall management had since stated that they were writing a letter of apology.


We have a law in Oregon that mothers can breastfeed their babies anywhere, including in public. I suppose this is a good thing, but think for a moment about a society that needs to pass a law so women can breastfeed their children. It seems weird and backwards to me, but in this strangely uptight country we need such a law. I say “uptight” because scenes of women’s bodies are used in advertising everywhere.


Midwife Ina May Gaskin started a campaign called “Stop Nipple Phobia.” She said that the cure for this phobia is to show nipples everywhere, so people aren’t afraid of them. So women, breastfeed your babies wherever you are and whenever your babies want, so we can stop nipple phobia!


Thirty-six years ago I considered it my duty to nurse my babies wherever and whenever I wanted. I figured that the culture should get accustomed to it. I was never asked to stop in 10 years of nursing three children in public and in private. I was occasionally complimented. Are things going backwards? Maybe I had a different experience because I live in Eugene, Oregon. It’s a rather hip, if not hippie, city. I really like living here.


P.S. When our editor Cheryl proofed this she added a note about her daughter Danielle, “Danielle told me that she has had women smile at her approvingly when they see her breastfeeding here in Eugene.”


Here are a couple articles:
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# Birthkeeper said:

It's sad, it really is. A friend was recently asked to cover up at a CHURCH WOMEN'S RETREAT, while we were in the dining hall.

Salma Hayek, who was just seen in a video nursing another mom's baby in Sierra Leon, is apparently under "fire" now for "nursing a stranger's baby".

Why are people so idiotic about this, when women can walk around in barely anything at all, and that's considered "fashion"? But those of us who are woman enough to give our babies the best, are seen as rude, disgusting, and indecent?

We *are* backwards in this country. I just recently responded to the issue with Salma Hayek, and I have NO problems stating that American women are spoiled brats. When it comes to nursing, not many women want to hear that it's the baby's RIGHT...they want to hear that they have a choice, and not be "judged". It's about time we started "judging", and stop being so darn PC. Maybe then breastfeeding, particularly in public, will become a commonality.



Thursday, February 12, 2009 11:13 AM
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# Mama K said:

In my 20 - whatever years of breastfeeding (it adds up!)  my 7 children in this very conservative area, I never had anyone stop me in any public place. (Except church. Some of the moms who were a little older than I had a problem with it if I nursed outside the designated nursing area in the nursery there. 25 years ago, though.) But I nursed in grocery store aisles (squatted down in front of the cereal), in malls, wherever my baby got hungry. I wasn't nursing to make a point, especially, just to feed a hungry baby. Mostly people ignored or didn't notice. A few times I received encouraging smiles. One of those smiles was from a nicely dressed gentleman probably a bit younger than I was at the time. I was nursing a toddler in the mall in one of those resting areas with comfy chairs.

So it's not just hip places that are ok with it.

Just do what y'gotta do, don't look for a fight, and if one comes to you, be as sweet as you can, as firm as you need to be.

It's for the babies!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009 1:27 PM
# blooming9midwife said:

I'm 16 years old and DON'T have a child and don't plan to until at least one year after I'm married. But my mom fed all of us with her breast milk. I don't know if anyone criticized or encouraged, but we live in a very conservative East Texas town. But I just wanted to encourage all mothers to feed their children their milk. I plan to when I have babies! My big sister has a friend who's pregnant and she has a breastfeeding kit that her doctor gave her. I don't know if shes planing to breastfeed or not but she was complaining about how her breasts were gonna look during that period. In my opinion thats just selfish! As mothers we all should be thinking of whats best for our child, not how we're gonna look while we're doing it!

Friday, March 13, 2009 7:55 PM
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