Birth and Bio-Physical Profile

My friend, who is a homebirth and birth center midwife, just had a round of Bio-Physical Profile problems. That is, some of her clients decided to step on the medical intervention train and have one, "just to see if their baby was all right." What that invariably does is start them on the, "Oh, your baby is in danger, you need to be induced" track.

I hate seeing women get duped at what should be their most beautiful and powerful time in their lives, at their births. So I e-mailed my friend Gloria Lemay because I know her information is clearer than my rant and she quickly wrote back: "Well, the best article on the Suspect Diagnosis of Biophysical Profiling was actually published by Midwifery Today. Love, Gloria." And guess what--it is by Gloria!

After nearly 23 years of doing Midwifery Today Magazine I lose track of the great articles we have published. I used to remember almost all of them but such goes life 23 years into publishing! To quote a bit of what Gloria wrote: "An unusually large number of diagnoses seem to be made that 'there is not enough amniotic fluid.' This seems to be the factor in this outline that is most often used as an excuse for induction. It is important for parents to know that this is likely an inaccurate assessment."

Read Gloria's article: Suspect Diagnoses Come with Biophysical Profiling

Jan Tritten
Midwifery Today

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