Midwifery Today's Philadelphia Conference - April 14-18, 2010

I would like to get your ideas about what courses you’d like to have offered at a Midwifery Today Conference. We are currently working on the Philadelphia program, scheduled for April 2010. The theme is Trends and Traditions. We work far in advance, to get them ready for print and for our Web site - where you can find conference programs for Eugene, Oregon (March 2009) and Copenhagen, Denmark (May 2009).

My theory on conference planning is based on what I know from putting on more than 50 conferences. Many of you are interested in clinical subjects, such as shoulder dystocia or hemorrhage management. You also want to learn about anything related to saving lives and keep up on the latest ideas. We are offering a lot of classes at the Eugene conference on developing skills; I would like to continue in that vein in Philly.

We try to offer a lot of insight and inspiration at each conference. Many people come to conference fairly burned out and go back home renewed. My main goal is to keep everyone inspired to do the sacred work they are called to do. The other Midwifery Today goal is to encourage, teach and inspire aspiring midwives—really, all birth practitioners. We need good practitioners in every setting.

So, please, if you have ideas for classes please e-mail me at jan@midwiferytoday.com.

Jan Tritten
Midwifery Today

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