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31 January 2009
Midwifery in Uganda - Report from Marion Toepke McLean
Marion, who you read about in my previous blog post , has shared this little picture of Uganda with us and also a lovely birth story. Midwifery Today sent Marion with a Doppler which was the piece of equipment the midwives wanted most. -Jan I'm greeting you from Soroti, Uganda, here on the high savannah... Read More...
24 January 2009
Marion Toepke McLean, Certified Nurse Midwife
"Marion delivered her first baby in Africa." Her husband, Fergus, called me to announce this touching news. Marion has volunteered in Afghanistan and now in Uganda. She is my very special mentor and a faithful writer for Midwifery Today from before its birth. It was in 1976 that I was touched... Read More...
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20 January 2009
Birth and Bio-Physical Profile
My friend, who is a homebirth and birth center midwife, just had a round of Bio-Physical Profile problems. That is, some of her clients decided to step on the medical intervention train and have one, "just to see if their baby was all right." What that invariably does is start them on the,... Read More...
18 January 2009
Becoming a Midwife with a Young Family
From Kimbrah: I was going through my Google Reader today (only 776 entries in there!) and I came across your post entitled "Becoming a Midwife." It's kind of funny that I read it today because I have been thinking and praying all day about whether to pursue my dreams or wait. I really do... Read More...
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14 January 2009
Say It Again: Cesareans, a Cause of Prematurity
My roommate came in to tell me about a news report on ABC about cesareans leading to premature deliveries. Knowing that I work at Midwifery Today, he was sure I would be interested and reported that prematurity causes a number of problems for babies, because various functions such as immune system, lungs... Read More...
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12 January 2009
Feeding Your Family While on Call
One of the great joys of my life is growing our food. I translate this into meals as I bring it in from the garden. It is ever so handy to have meals already prepared after working all day. When I was doing births I would just call my daughter and have her get, for instance, spaghetti sauce out of the... Read More...
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11 January 2009
Be Kind
Jan is making yummy bread.... She had stopped baking for many years because of her busy schedule. But after a trip to her favorite bakery she made the decision to start baking. They told her that she needed to put in an order for the bread she wanted, but in a not-so-nice way. She hasn’t been back since... Read More...
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06 January 2009
Midwifery Today's Philadelphia Conference - April 14-18, 2010
I would like to get your ideas about what courses you’d like to have offered at a Midwifery Today Conference. We are currently working on the Philadelphia program, scheduled for April 2010. The theme is Trends and Traditions. We work far in advance, to get them ready for print and for our Web site -... Read More...
02 January 2009
Hope, Dream and Do - Are You Called to Midwifery?
A new year is the perfect time to take stock of your life. Are you headed in the direction you want for your life? We as birth practitioners and activists are called to help motherbaby have the best birth possible. There are many callings within that theme. You may have a dream to be a doula or a midwife... Read More...