Cytotec and Tradtional Midwives

I have been emailing with friends about the idea of putting cytotec into the hands of traditional midwives for hemorrhage control after birth. To my friend slightly edited: "But you know how it will be used. Many traditional midwives in Mexico use pitocin in labor. Sad but true because I love what we are learning from them about rebozo use and massage. I do know cytotec is useful and safe for hemorrhage control. We cannot ignore this other aspect. What do you suggest with that in mind? Feed the mother is a great idea but how can we do that with all of the politics against the basics. Isn't it neat though that simple mosquito nets are preventing over 50%-60% of infant deaths from malaria? This news hit the NYTimes last night. If there is the political will to get nets to people why can't we feed them or better yet get them the resources to feed themselves." LOVE jan

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