Who's a midwife?

Joy has many professions but these are her words: "Just for the sake of 'truth in advertising', I'm not a midwife. I've caught a couple of babies when the midwife didn't make it, but I'm 'just' an RN/Midwife's Assistant/Doula/Childbirth Educator/Nutrition and Breastfeeding Consultant. :-)"

We also did not mean to imply that Tom is replaceable. He was one of a kind but his work needs to go on.

I need to comment on who a midwife is to me. I believe that we as women interested in and loving birth are all midwives. I believe the term belongs not to the profession but to all women with a deep care for birth. It has more to do with passion and the fire in our belly to help motherbaby planetside. Some of us in that process do prenatal care and births, some are helpers and encouragers in the birth or postpartum-doulas, some of us are the activists working tirelessly for change in childbirth. I believe the calling is too sacred and too ancient to be taken over by a select group of people. Traditional midwives have been helping birth babies from the beginning of human time. The calling to work in birth is holy and sacred and cannot be usurped by a certain group. Although I have utmost respect for us as a group we do not own birth, women do, God does. It is a miracle.

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