Change with Birth Without Boundaries

Change with Birth Without Boundaries

I am pleased the organization BWB is starting a newsletter to keep us all connected and encouraged about our work of changing the birth world. This is a great opportunity to share our ideas for changing the world to make it better for motherbaby. I first met Salem at a CIMS (Coalition for the Improvement of Maternity Services) meeting. CIMS is another organization that is helping make changes in birth. It is open to anyone so be sure to check out their website and conference at ( Salem, the founder of BWB, is such an amazing example of a dynamo who is helping change her community and the world. You can do the same. You probably have a place in the world you have a heart for. We seem to get these divine interests and callings. If you do, think of what you can do to help women in this area. Then do it!

We all have different gifts and passions. With the state of disrepair that birth practices are in today it will take every one of us making change wherever we are called to do so. Take an inventory of your essential gifts and figure out what you are good at and like to do. It is much better to do the things you love since there are others who like to do a part that you do not. I love to plan so I put a lot of my effort into planning articles, themes and conferences. I am the mother of Midwifery Today, ( so my calling in running it utilizes my strengths. There are others who do what I am not good at doing. If BWB is to work well we each need to do the part we are good at and love. This is how we will change birth. Robbie Davis-Floyd tells us that critical mass is 20%. That means we have to get our message to 20% of the people and their work will get it to the rest. It seems like we are only at 1%-2% but I repeat if we each to what we are called to do we can succeed in having great births and breastfeeding experiences for the most people.

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