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A great way to test whether midwifery is a life path for you is to attend a Midwifery Today Conference. The conference in Eugene, Oregon, March 14–18, 2007, is especially designed for aspiring midwives* to learn a lot about midwifery in a short amount of time. This year for the first time we are offering two full days of Beginning Midwifery. On the first day you will study the Art of Midwifery, Normal Birth and Prenatal Care, Being With Woman and Apprenticeship.

On the second day you will be introduced to student-centered Midwifery Education, Paths and Program, Emotional Issues in Labor, Trusting Birth and much more. The teachers for these classes are dedicated to mentoring midwives. They are very accessible, as are the other speakers we invite. Do not hesitate to approach them.

The rest of the conference is designed with both beginners and experienced midwives in mind. You will learn about the issues surrounding birth, as well as a motherbaby-centered ways to practice. We will cover everything from Communication to International Issues. Time to dance, sing, share stories and give gifts are built into the conference program. Each of the roundtables gives you extra time to discuss fascinating subjects in small groups.

Your head and heart will be full when you go home to ponder all you have learned. You will have ideas, options and paths to ponder, but you will also have a sense of possible directions to take as you consider midwifery, childbirth education or being a doula or an activist. Your path may be circular or straight, but meanwhile you can serve motherbaby while on the path, with a destination clearly in mind.

*I use the word midwife to refer to all birth practitioners. Whether you are a mother, doula, educator or understanding doctor or nurse you are doing midwifery when you care for motherbaby.

— love, Jan
Jan Tritten, Mother of Midwifery Today

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