Elizabeth Davis, Part III

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More from Elizabeth Davis' Education Workshop in Germany

In her education seminar, Elizabeth Davis talked a lot about the circle of women and its importance. Explaining how women think, she said that women in a stress response, as you may know, tend and befriend. The circle is needed to keep the community healthy. Women need female circles. We mirror beauty and love from friends. Students are asked to give an overview of what midwifery is, what it looks like and how we respond. In the circle we reward not only academic learning, but the ability to see and draw out our value. We continually check in. What a wonderful addition to learning midwifery these circles can be.

The main ground rule is confidentiality. Another is that each member has the right to pass rather than speak. The overall idea of the circle is: Healer, heal thyself. We work to keep alive the passion in our calling.

Elizabeth spoke of "educating dragons." The reference is to people we have to deal with throughout life such as a head nurse or difficult doctor, and even at times a sister midwife. She says a midwife needs to "run oxytocin" herself. In other words, calm breeds calm.

"We want our students to learn a foreign language—the medical model world." She has students learn how something feels by role playing. She teaches compassion by having students role play each person in the room: doctor, midwife, dad, mom, pediatrician, nurse. These drama scenarios are great learning experiences.

Wisdom is a hard quality to calibrate; it resides within every woman. See if your training program will institute student circles. The wisdom passed and shared will be a passion producing fuel for learning.

— love, Jan
Jan Tritten, Mother of Midwifery Today

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