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Elizabeth Davis asks "What is it about conventional education that didn't work for me?"

We were not allowed to show our intuitive side. Women want context. They are aware of what is going on in the room. Women want to know why they need to know something. Give them context; they need to know who, what, where and why.

We are taught in a male model that is a brick building model, piece by piece. We are not supposed to ask why. They will tell you at the end.

Female thinking is spiral, circular. We spiral around looking at the same material from different aspects. As we climb the spiral we are seeing different views. Imagine making a spiral pot from rolled clay. Many of us did it in grade school.

A woman will ask for the opinion of every friend she knows, even though she will likely receive opposing views. After considering everything, she will make her decision. We are like a cauldron sharing half-baked ideas, stirring them up in a brainstorm.

Men are the opposite. In infancy boys are into tangible objects. Girls are more interested in the human face. Women can multitask - they are comfortable with many ideas and tasks coming at the same time. These distinctions in style make a huge difference in your educational program. If the program you choose is designed on the male model, the fit might not work for you. Doing midwifery requires that you learn to tap into your feminine side, because the women we are with will be best served by this side of you. This is especially so since they are going through an event that is ultimately female.

This editorial is adapted from Elizabeth's wise words. To inquire about her school, e-mail her at: elizabeth@elizabethdavis.com

— love, Jan
Jan Tritten, Mother of Midwifery Today

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