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[ Passionate Midwifery Education - Installment 20 ]

In a Midwifery Education class at Midwifery Today's conference in Bad Wildbad, Germany, on October 26, 2006, Elizabeth Davis outlined some beautiful concepts for Midwife Educators from around the world.

According to Elizabeth, the first principle of Midwifery Education is confidence-building. She tells us, "Never separate a woman from her confidence." That applies to you as a student as well as to the women you serve.

She also helped us explore the concepts of compassion, caring, being a confidante, respect, passion and patience. These threads are important in the program you choose and should be the hallmark of the midwifery teachers in your program. As I have said before, you should be treated with respect and dignity as a student because you will be entrusted to the highest calling I can think of—caring for the mother and her baby.

Elizabeth asks: "How does my program cultivate these capabilities with skill and relevant information." How does your program?

She tells us that a midwife is a midwife because she has danced with fear. She tells us that a midwife honors things for themselves. She likes being at the portal of life and death. During dramatic changes midwives are there. We are trying to recreate in others the full scope of being with the woman at all stages of life. We want more for women and for ourselves. Does this describe you?

Before embarking on this long journey, first test whether midwifery is for you. Elizabeth has a nice self-test where women take the "Heart and Hands" workshops to determine whether midwifery is what they want to do with their lives. Remember that midwifery takes all the love you have to give, and then some more. It can overtake your life, and because it requires such dedication it probably should. We can talk about balance later.

— love, Jan
Jan Tritten, Mother of Midwifery Today

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