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I have told you something of my own Midwifery education (see Installment 16 ). One our biggest blessings was to have Marion teach us a for whole year in a program modeled after Frontier Nursing Services' CNM program. She condensed the program, teaching us just the parts that were relevant to our homebirth practices. The curriculum was not very medicalized because this was 25 years ago. I am sure most curricula now are very different.

Besides teaching our didactic lessons Marion joined us in our practices. We already had very full practices of 3–5 homebirths per month. She would work one-on-one with us during prenatal and postpartum visits. She also went to births with us. This gave us a rare opportunity to learn midwifery more deeply. Marion also sweetly acknowledged that she had learned from us! I was amazed by the learning experience.

Shadowing and teaching within the practice is a good idea for all mentors, although I am sure that midwifery can be taught in many other unique and functional ways. In the UK some programs require students to do caseload midwifery.

I would really appreciate you sharing various models with me through this column. I have no special gift for midwifery education other than a burning desire to welcome new midwives into this beautiful calling.

I believe that the full year of intensive help within our practices was a time of intense learning geared to exactly what was going on there. We were still quite young midwives, having done only about a hundred births, but with total care. After this great learning experience we were able to practice with Marion for a few years. When I started Midwifery Today Marion joined us as a regular columnist and our mentoring relationship continues. She has been an incredible gift to many midwives in our community. I hope and pray every one of you finds a Marion on your journey.

— love, Jan
Jan Tritten, Mother of Midwifery Today

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