[ Passionate Midwifery Education - Installment 18 ]

Each of us must take responsibility for our own education. This is so even for those who are planning to attend a midwifery school. You need to find the school that will best help you learn your calling in the way you are called. Some of you will be nurse-midwives, others will be direct entry midwives and some will choose to be lay midwives. You need to make sure you can be the best midwife possible within your calling. A key issue is that you will be serving motherbaby and the family and you will need to determine the most important areas of study. This is true even beyond your formal or informal training. Your midwifery, doula or childbirth education will continue for your whole life.

You may find that some of the curriculum is not helpful, but you typically need to do a certain amount of busy work. Your job all along the path of lifelong education is to be the best you can be. Is learning homeopathy more important than pharmacology? The answer will be different for each of you and may change as you journey through your midwifery life. There is no wrong answer but you need to be proactive in your path. I know conference attendees often have difficulty choosing classes—they have so much to learn and be excited about. For most of us, our birth life is one of the most important aspects of our life.

I hope as you look around this amazing world at all the possibilities for your education you chose carefully from the huge smorgasbord of educational opportunities we have today. We can learn from traditional midwives in other countries or from dozens of disciplines. It is an exciting journey. I hope some of you will write and let us know about your path and how you choose what and how to add to your skills.

Our midwifery is often closely wrapped up in our identities partly because we are called to the path that requires all of the love we have to give, then a little more. Welcome to midwifery.

— love, Jan
Jan Tritten, Mother of Midwifery Today

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